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Handling Fisas Is it possible to live with a ferfiak? Yes, but you have to take care of its needs. The following are the basic care instructions for ferfiaks, but much more can be found if you do some online research. What is a ferfiak? A ferfiak is a small type of bird that has feathers that cover its body. It can often be found near lakes or ponds where it will stay around the water's surface, where they are very difficult to see against their natural background. This type of bird is not endangered at all and can be seen all over Europe. The only rarer species of the family are the giant puffins. Ferfiaks are very popular because of their unique appearance, hence less people know about them. To the local citizens, the ferfiak is an interesting animal that should be protected at all costs. What are common ferfiaks? The most popular type of ferfiak is the Common Evening Gull, also called Black-headed Gull or "Gull-nok" in Hungarian. They are named for their black heads and brown bodies. They are about 35–45 centimeters tall and are found in different parts of Hungary depending on what region you're looking at. If you're in Hungary's southern-most regions, the ones on the river Danube, you might have a chance of seeing Common Ringed Plover or Black-tailed Godwit. They are small birds about 30 centimeters long. If you're further north of Lake Balaton, you might be able to see White-tailed Eagles. They're about 60–70 centimeters tall and are also found nesting on top of mountains in Hungary. What are unusual ferfiaks? It is interesting that there are different types of ferfiaks with similar characteristics living in different parts of Europe. One example of this is the German name for the bird, "Seeadler" (which means Sea Eagle), because it looks like an eagle though it is not related. The Scandinavian versions of the ferfiak look very similar to puffins, but they are much smaller. There are also different species of ferfiaks living in different parts of the world, including the Caribbean islands and southern coasts of North America. How do you tame a ferfiak? And what do you feed them? The first thing you should know about taming a ferfiak is that you probably won't be able to tame one because they're wild animals and don't like humans. It's best just to treat them like you would any other bird. You can feed ferfiak some bread or corn, but remember not to feed any animal bread or corn on the cob because they may choke on it. What birds eat depends on their species so you should do some research on what type of bird needs to be fed what type of food. For example, some birds only eat meat, others only seeds and berries, and still others only insects. What are the eggs of a ferfiak? Ferfiak eggs are actually quite large compared to their bodies, with most having an egg that is about 4 centimeters long. It's usually white with spots on it that are yellowish brown in color.


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